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Business Office Data , phone, network move, relocation or expansion Orange and Los Angeles County

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Office, business and headquarter  phone system , data system Moves & Wiring

Low cost, High quality, Fast and Durable Office Moving and Office Cable and system Installation for businesses like yours in Irvine,Mission Vijeo, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach and all Orange and Los angeles Counties.

We Offer:
  • Free no obligation Consultation
  • Free and Fast Quote
  • Free Binding Estimates
  • Free Site Survey
  • Free IT assets inventory and documentation ( Phone, PC, Server, Hardware and software ) 
  • Free 30 Days, 60 days and 90 days  move and relocation check list
  • Free Relocation survival guide
  • Free move and relocation resource list
Does your current IT system have the ability to grow and change with your business? Are you taking advantage of low cost , high quality Google Apps Cloud computing With a completely scalable office infrastructure cable management strategy in place, you’re assured a secure system that works in tandem with your developing company.

Discover how you can eliminate your servers and never buy any Operating software or business application and their upgrade .

Innova Global  has the office moving and office cabling services that will provide your Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and Anaheim business with lasting benefits, no matter where your business takes you.
  • Innova's Expert technicians from can provide the following office cable installation and management services Plus office moving solutions that will meet your changing demands now and in the future:
  • Office Cabling – for construction that is both new and existing, including fiber optics
  • Relocation of your Office – for complete network, server, printer, and workstation moves
  • Coordination of your Move – including your Internet, Web site, email, and telephony
  • Cabling Blueprints and As-Built Documents – laying the groundwork for a strong network connections for your business

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  • Office relocation checklist
  • Office move survival guide
  • PProactive Monitoring and Managed IT Services
  • Hosted Backup, Email and SPAM Protection
  • Technology Relocation Services
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity Plans
  • Disaster Recovery and Network Security
  • Reactive Services and Break/Fix Services
  • Multi Industry Compliance Consulting (HIPPA, FINRA, SEC)
  • Virtualization and Business Automation

Leave the maintenance of your technology to us, so you can focus on what’s important- running your business.

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IT Relocation and move
Innova provide IT relocation services for businesses and organisations providing you with uninterrupted IT services before, during and after IT moves.
Research shows only 10% of IT moves in the United States are successful with 90% of businesses suffering from major email and telecommunication issues as a result of IT relocation.
We ensure you are in the 10% by successfully helping you create an effective IT relocation plan and to take the right technology decisions to make sure you experience a seamless IT migration from one location to another with minimum downtime.
IT relocation team
Our IT moves are co-ordinated by fully-qualified IT relocation Cisco , Google Apps , Microsoft Certified , cabling , Networking , Phone system, Video and audio system  experienced in taking control of all the technology issues associated with IT moves.
We can carry out all the necessary setup and installation work providing you with advice and guidance to ensure you buy the right hardware, software, IT and telecoms packages to meet your needs and requirements.
If you have an IT department we can provide them with support as and when needed taking care of every aspect of your IT move from risk analysis and project management through to packing, transport and insurance.
Free IT moves guide
You will most likely need assistance with your move in some capacity and we have put together a FREE IT Moves Guide to help you start the relocation process and provide you with an insight into the decisions you need to make before moving office.
Office relocation checklist
A- Physical planning and mapping
  • ‰ Request a detailed copy of the floor plan that includes proposed furniture orientation.
  • ‰ Review final space plans, including electrical and furniture placement.
  • ‰ If modular furniture is being used, run the network cabling before the furniture is installed.
  • ‰ Determine PC and printer locations in the new space.
  • ‰ Determine the location of fax machines in the new space.
  • ‰ Identify personal printers on the floor plan.
  • ‰ Identify analog lines on the floor plan.
  • ‰ Determine jack locations (on the furniture plan) for voice and data.
  • ‰ Obtain bids for wiring (once floor plan is approved).
  • ‰ Check to see if the doorways, access hallways, ramps, and the elevator doors are wide enough to .......
  •    ...........................................
B- Terms
C- Labling and documentation 
D- Inventory
E- Cleaning

F-Wiring, cabling, phone, and Internet access
G- Video, Audio, security and montoring access
H- Equipments
I -Meeting and communication 


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